There is no burden quite like carrying the weight of an untold story. 

Spark Corps, along with our partners Orange Sparkle Ball and BooknBrunch, is on a mission to unite people through their struggles by collecting anonymous, handwritten stories and putting the on display in a number of different venues as well as online. By submitting a story, confession, or secret, you are taking a step with us to end the isolation that typically comes with feeling misunderstood. 

To submit a story, send a filled-out book to our address.


Books are the silent storyteller. They are a form of expression that can contain so many thoughts and feelings without ever having to speak. If more people dared to be vocal with their emotions and experiences, it would undoubtedly uncover that nobody is as alone in their problems as they sometimes feel. 

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Support a Storyteller

You can write a post card to a writer whose story resonated with you. Share your thoughts and feelings! Send your message to our address or send a picture of your message to Don’t forget to leave supportive comments on our insta!


Toronto, ON

January 2019

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Atlanta, GA

February-June 2019


Ottawa, CA

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