Sunday People

While working on volunteer health projects across the world,  Saleena Subaiya fell in love with the people and stories that comprised her travels. She realized that film would be the perfect medium to communicate her work in global health, and reflect the lives of those she met along the way. With that, Sunday People was born.  The name Sunday People came about when a volunteer friend asked Saleena who she would spend Sunday with if that were her only day off that week. The name stuck, and came to symbolize the motivated, inspiring, and compassionate people that make up our lives.

Hundreds of hours of film, one Kickstarter campaign, and a lot of work later, Saleena is now ready to release the Sunday People documentary series. The series covers the lives of 3 community health workers across the world in vivid depth and honesty. Spark Corps worked with Saleena to create a suite of branding and promotional materials used to accompany her work and build momentum. This will included a logo, website, and color scheme.


Sunday People Short Color.jpg

This logo will be used to promote Saleena ’s documentary film series that follow the lives of global development workers around the world. These assets will help elevate Saleena’s work and build her network.


Branding Tool Kit


The logo was accompanied by a Visual Identity System (VIS) that includes fonts, a color scheme, and different variations of the logo for different applications. 




Along with Sunday People branding, Spark Corps created an elegant website for Selena to showcase her work and promote her documentaries. Check it out at 


If you want to learn more about our process on this project, check out our Sunday People blog posts.