Design Education Activity Book

The "Spark Your Design Creativity" activity book is a tool that introduces kids age 8-12 to design while also helping them to build fundamental social skills. The book walks kids through 16 engaging activities, from drawing to developing skills in observation. We believe in the power of design to foster creativity and 21st century thinking, and we want to share this passion with you.


21st Century Learning and Social Skills


The workbook focuses on teaching design thinking to kids to encourage them to be creative problem solvers and 21st century thinkers. The workbook encourages collaboration and inspires empathy and understanding.

Sixteen Activities and Lessons


Topics covered in book are Sketching, color theory, perspective, shading, patterns, typefaces, curiosity, empathy, user needs, brainstorming, resourcefulness, testing, storytelling, pixels, innovation, and logos.

Kickstarter Funded

Our Kickstarter campaign raised 112% of our final goal allowing us to print 500 copies of the book at a local printer and donate 15 copies to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta! The books have been printed and are available for purchase on our website, Amazon, Esty, Barnes and Noble Buckhead as well as the Museum of Design Atlanta


If you want to learn more about our process on this project, check out our design education book blog posts.