Start: Spark Curriculum



Project Profile:

How can we empower young minds to become inquisitive problem-solvers? What would a design classroom in an elementary school look like? How do we teach design thinking in an engaging way?

Our book Spark: Your Design Creativity created an initial pathway to teach children design. Spark Corps’s newest project will extend those 37 pages into a semester-long curriculum and week-long design camp for children ages 8-12. Here, kids will begin with traditional design skills like sketching and color theory and then graduate to higher level skills like empathy and iteration.


Through this curriculum, design will be the bridge to help kids understand the people, places and things that surround them. It is our hope that these skills will empower young, inquisitive changer-makers to reach their full-potential. Our curriculum will also make design education more accessible by giving educators the tools and methodologies to teach design thinking to the next generation regardless of their personal exposure to design. Most of all, we want to show how fun designing can really be!


  • Use the Spark activity book to create classroom design curriculum for children ages 8-12
  • Create design education curriculum that can be applied in both a semester-long class and a week-long design camp
  • Develop metrics to measure the success of the curriculum

Measures of Success:

  • Distinctive and professional logo
  • Curriculum that enhances the classroom experience and engages children ages 8-12 in the design process
  • Curriculum that introduces children to core 21st century skills (for example, collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking)
  • An end product that can be transferred between a classroom and recreational setting