Spark: Your Design Creativity MODA Testing



Thirty colored pencils were strewn about the table as an imaginative, little girl discussed the logistics of caring for an elephant living in your backyard. A second debated as to whether or not her monkey should have a Mohawk. She decided that the Mohawk was a fabulous choice. Finally, a third sat quietly, coloring in the teal and purple feathers of a peacock.

This weekend, the Spark Corps team partnered with Museum of Design Atlanta and 10 local kids to test some of the activities that will make up our design education curriculum. In one of these activities, kids were asked to create a mind map that would help them take care of an animal they brought home from the zoo. Answered ranged from gorillas to penguins. These kids were in no short supply of witty ideas and innovative solutions for how they would take care of them.

We worked through a total of 5 activities over the course of 2 sessions lasting an hour-and-a-half. Activities included mind mapping, perspective, shading, an exploration of form and function, and a lesson on curiosity. Afterwards, we sat with the kids for a formal discussion about what they liked and didn’t like.

At the end of almost 3 hours, we came away with tremendous insights and lots of laughs. One thing we were not expecting was how articulate these kiddos were! Since when did 8 year olds become so sophisticated? All in all, we received positive feed back from the participants, and garnered new interest in Spark Corps’ work.

With only 2 weeks remaining until the end of the summer beta program, things are slowly starting to wrap up. We are putting the finishing touches on our design education book. We are eager to show the final product!