Meet Angie!



It is with great excitement that we announce the newest member to our Spark Corps family! This December, we welcomed Angie Yim who will be spending her time balancing between Spark Corps and Orange Sparkle Ball projects. She’s looking forward to joining the team, and we have big plans in store for her.

Angie is a May 2015 graduate from The Georgia Institute of Technology, and holds a bachelors degree in industrial design with a minor in marketing. During her time at Tech, she was able to develop her design philosophy and understand the kind of designer she hopped to become. Angie believes that design is only as good as the care put into the process. Not only should design be beautiful, but it should be useful, practical, functional, and also have a history behind it.

She’s very excited to apply her philosophy to her first project at Spark Corps, the design education curriculum. She believed that all too often, young children aren’t aware of the design profession or its application to their daily life. When they are aware of design, they often have only a limited view of it. Angie recognizes this, noting how kids only get part of the picture, and wants to teach kids that deign is more than smart phones and apps.

Her goal when working on the design curriculum is to address these pressure points, and to help children learn about design. This will be done by teaching problem solving, observation skills, brainstorming, teamwork, and prototyping.

“These stages of design thinking are the unsung heroes of design,” she says, “they don’t really get noticed yet they are the most crucial elements.” Her hope is that the children involved in the curriculum learn about design from a new perspective, and become as excited about the unsung aspects as Angie is.

We here at Spark Crops and Orange Sparkle Ball are excited to see how the project unfolds, and how Angie’s passion for design helps move it forward.