Start: Holman Studios


Partner Profile:

Lauren Holman is an Atlanta based artist who specialized in screen printing and mixed media. Having a background in health and fine arts, Lauren wants to begin a new chapter by addressing social issues through her artwork in the form of limited edition prints. From the sales of these editions, Lauren also hopes to invest a percentage of proceeds in local non-profits. Spark Corps will work to create an identity and online presence that communicates Lauren’s vision and goals for the project.

For this project, Spark Corps will work with Lauren to develop the brand and brand strategy surrounding here work. We will look critically at how she can position herself within the competitive industry of fine arts, and how her work sits apart from other artists. We will also look at how her brand will add a unique voice to the social impact discussions happening around the Atlanta area.


  • A visual style guide including logos, colors and fonts
  • A personal website to communicate the work and mission of the organization.
  • Strategy and consulting services that will work with Lauren to think critically about the mission and goals of her organization, and how to best represent the company’s brand.

Measures of Success:

  • Visual identity that reflects the goals and purpose of the project
  • Clear and accessible website that reflects the brand
  • Overall satisfaction of client