Start: Break into Business

Partner Profile:

This winter, Spark Corps completed their first project with the Break Into Business team. Founded by Alyssa Furtado and Monica Lage in 2007, BIB is a network of camps, workshops and educational resources helping inspire young entrepreneurs ages 9-16.

Following the success of our winter work, Spark Corps has begun our second project with BIB. This work will focus on resource guides and promotional materials for their summer 2016 camps. In addition, Spark Corps will also be drafting a poster to promote their fall 2016 BIB Incubator. This is an immersive experience in which gifted students from the summer program are able to dive deeper into their businesses.



  • Presentation Templates that can be used to develop teaching materials and resources for parents.
  • Promotional Poster for the fall 2016 BIB Incubator

Measures of Success:

  • Materials that communicate the Break Into Business brand and enhance the camp experience
  • Visuals and deliverables that are accessible to the target audience
  • Overall satisfaction of client