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The humble lemon-aid stand is a rite of passage for many kinds, serving as one of the first exposures a child has to entrepreneurship. Often, the drive doesn’t stop there. Kids graduate to selling Girl Scout Cookies, chocolate bars, and even school fundraisers. For many, these endeavors are just part of the childhood experience. For some, however, they spark a lifelong interest in business and entrepreneurship.

In 2007, business students Alyssa Furtado and Monica Lage recognized the need to facilitate this growth. They asked themselves why they hadn’t been exposed to business education until college, and what they could do to foster a love of entrepreneurship in the next generation. With that conversation, Break into Business (BiB) was born. Eight years later, BiB is a network of camps, workshops and educational resources helping inspire young entrepreneurs ages 9-16.


Over the next several weeks, Spark Corps will work with BiB to develop a suite of promotional materials for the 16 Under 16 Event. In January of 2016, BiB entrepreneurs will pitch ideas to investors. In a “Shark Tank” style event, investors will commit over $1500 to help make student ideas into a reality. In addition, investors will provide mentorship and coaching services.


  • Develop a promotional poster for the 16 Under 16 event that will attract possible investors, and potential attendees
  • Create several Instagram images that will promote the 16 Under 16 event, and can be shared on the Instagram accounts of BiB partners

Measures of Success:

  • Attention grabbing and informative posters
  • Promotional materials that attract potential investors and raise awareness around the 16 Under 16 event
  • Instagram and promotional materials that can be stared between partners and agencies
  • An increase in the awareness of BiB and their mission

Photos courtesy of Break into Business