Finish: Break Into Business



Project Final:

With the end of 2015 comes our last Finish post of the year. Earlier in the Fall, we introduced our project with Monica Lage of Break Into Business. Our goal for the project was to develop promotional materials for February’s The Final Pitch. On February 4th, a group of crazy talented kids will pitch their ideas to real business leaders in the hopes of seed funding. For this project, we wanted to create visuals that would not only attract potential donors, but elicit a sense of excitement and whimsy in anticipation of the event.


Our final deliverables included a event poster and Instagram posts which could be shared on social media, the BIB website, and through private correspondence.

Our primary poster highlights the event details while also adding youthful icons and BIB colors.


Our Instagram posts strive to highlight BIB students, and utilizes bold graphic details to showcase the event.


Finally, elements from the poster were broken down for featuring on the BIB site.

We cannot wait to see these kids knock our socks off come February 4th. We look forward following up about the event and all of these fantastic businesses.