Thought Bubble: What Inspires You?


At one point or another, every creative has hit that inevitable creative block. You're stuck trying to generate ideas but you keep on drawing blanks. When this happens, where do you find inspiration?

When you hit a roadblock, it is easy to get in your own head and get stuck there. However, the answer is outside of you. Look outside for inspiration. Crack open a new book. Go hiking on a new trail. Find a new playlist on Spotify and enjoy a new perspective. When you open your heart to the world, you experience new sources of inspiration.

This outward perspective is at the core of human-centered design. Design can be hard when we look only at our own past experiences to find an answer. In order to truly be inspired and create the most fruitful designs, you need to interact with the problem you're trying to tackle. How can you change MARTA if you've never ridden the bus before? 

Even when you experience these problems, you're not the only one. Talk to the people you're trying to help. Maybe they see things in a different light. There are so many people with so many different perspectives. They will make you reconsider and question. And within those questions lies inspiration. 


-Veronica Orecchia