Thought Bubble: What Makes a Brand?


When most people hear the word "brand", typically one thinks of their logo. Take Nike for example. Immediately, you think of the Nike swoosh and the Nike font. But is that really all there is to their brand? 

Brand goes much further than just some colors and logos. Brand is the feeling you get when you see the company in action. Brand is the mission of the company and what it stands for intentionally and also unintentionally. Outwardly, Nike's brand is also "Just Do It." Nike is a part of the excitement when you see your favorite athlete wearing their clothes. Nike is the smell of new shoes and anticipation as you open up that bold, orange box. Nike is also that plastic bag from their store in the trash. Every experience tied to what that company produces is their brand. 

Recently, I've been pondering all the different aspects of brand so that I can help shape the Spark Your Design Creativity brand. What do we want this brand to stand for? Because at the end of the day, it's not about the colorful dinosaur on the front cover. Everything is for the kids. How can we develop a brand that changes the life experience of children? Maybe this brand will change everything for this kid. It could be a whole new life passion and make the kid think in whole new ways. Or maybe, this brand is just a memorable instance. A happy childhood memory they look back on in 20 years and think "Man, that was fun!" How do you even begin to shape the experiences your brand creates for others? How do you alter the unintentional into intentional, positive experiences? 


A brand is a life in itself. And it fumbles through trying to find its purpose. What is the point in being? There will be highs and there will be lows as we search to find an answer. But in the end, every moment that shapes us is beautiful and important. 


-Veronica Orecchia