Spark Corps Goes to MODA

Hey there! My name’s Aaron, and I’m Spark Corps’ other new Design Apprentice. After just a little over a week, I’ve already met so many great people and been involved with a ton of cool projects. As Spark Corps’ first-ever male hire, I feel honored to be a part of this talented team of women. In my first few days, I was also lucky enough to get to tag along for a discussion by another leading woman in the field of design. 


Designing Justice

Learn more about the exhibition  here .

Learn more about the exhibition here.

The Spark Corps team was recently able to attend a presentation given by the renowned graphic artist Luba Lukova at the Museum of Design Atlanta. Luba discussed 100 of her best posters created to spark conversation and inspire change in the areas of social and cultural justice worldwide. Her work helps breaks down barriers between disparate groups of people and garner a real sense of empathy for her subjects. 


Sparking Inspiration

Luba's socially conscious design work aligns very well with the goals and ideals of everyone here at Spark Corps. She's an inspiration and a prime example of the positive effect that design can have on the complex problems facing our world today. Her work shows that in the quest for change, it's important to stay grounded and follow your heart. In the words of Luba, "If it comes from the heart, it goes to the heart."