Ignite the Spark! My First Few Weeks at Spark Corps

Hello there! My name is Veronica and I am one of the two new Design Apprentices. After working at Spark Corps for only a few weeks, I have learned so much.


It’s not about just making things.

Read about "SKINTONES"  here .

Read about "SKINTONES" here.


When it comes to design, sometimes the end product seems really simple. Maybe it’s designing a new shoe or updating the design of a cell phone. However, with impact design, you can go into a project having no clue what the end result might be. Sometimes it’s a graphic, sometimes it’s a program or group, sometimes it’s a website. There’s surprise in every result.


Wicked Problems are “wicked” for a reason.

Learn about "100 Resilient Cities"  here. 

Learn about "100 Resilient Cities" here. 


They’re pretty complicated- and by pretty I mean REALLY complicated. There are so many moving parts, policies, and complications. There’s a reason that our biggest political debates are still being debated. There’s no simple solutions and impact design seeks opportunities for improvement within these problems. It’s not about solving all the problems across the board. It’s about being able to help alleviate the problem in some fashion. 


Impact Design still has a ton more growing to do.

Learn about "People Power" and GroupHug  here.

Learn about "People Power" and GroupHug here.


Since impact design is so new, it is still shaping its role in society. People are still trying to understand what purpose it serves and how it can create change. This is my favorite aspect of impact design and it makes me excited to be a part of this growing process. 


I am so grateful for what I have been able to learn so far, and I look forward to how much I will grow this summer!