Release: Press Is Invited To Attend A Focus Group Organized In Partnership With And Held At The Museum of Design

WHAT: SPARK CORPS focus group for design education

With the collaboration of Museum of Design Atlanta, Spark Corps will hold a focus group with children ages 8-12 to test the latest version of an upcoming design education work book. The first hour and fifteen minutes will be done with girls, and will include activities and discussion. Following the girls, a small group of boys will test the material and partake in a brief discussion. Boys and girls will be separated in an effort to remove any bias or social awkwardness. Children participating in our testing have been drawn from a list-serve curated by MODA. We will use these insights to help shape the final stages of our book development find if there are any missing pieces.

Yet to be titled, this design education book walks elementary aged children through the design process. It covers the fundamentals such as drawing skills and color. Next, it explores design concepts such as brainstorming strategies and discovering user needs. Last, it surveys the more intangible characteristics of design such as empathy, curiosity, and human driven design. During the development process, Spark Corps has tested content with The Georgia Institute of Technology. The testing at the Museum of Design Atlanta will be of a near final book.

Spark Corps and MODA hope that this testing will be the start of a strong and exciting partnership.

WHERE: Museum of Design, 1315 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309:

WHEN: July 19th from 12:00pm to 2:45pm

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Press may observe the focus group, but may not question the children in advance or during the session. If anyone is interested in speaking with a child, parent or Spark Corps or MODA representative, please contact Allie Miller. Anyone wishing to speak with a participating child will need to provide release forms for parents or guardians.

CONTACT: Allie Miller, 612.210.8538