MARTA Army is an initiative that empowers citizens to reclaim ownership over the MARTA system and build world class transit in their own neighborhoods. Spark Corps developed and refined MARTA Army’s identity, assisted in the planning of an event, conceptualized guerilla-style art installations at the station, and provided a framework for planning future events.


Logo and Supporting Elements


The logo was accompanied with supporting elements like bus posters, button ideas, bumper sticker templates, and art stencils. The goal of the MARTA Army Visual Identity System (VIS) was to convey an active and transit friendly Atlanta.


Event Toolkit


In the second part of our project, Spark Corps created an event toolkit MARTA Army could use to promote their mission at local events. Also on Fridays, the local High Museum offers half priced admission to the museum.


Free Art Friday


Spark Corps chose to create a model toolkit around Free Art Friday (FAF). Spark Corps proposed this event where MARTA Army could plan a FAF with MARTA Army made artwork hidden among MARTA Art Center stations. The goal would be to encourage residents to take MARTA and find the artwork.


If you want to learn more about our process on this project, check out our MARTA blog posts.