PIVI Branding

A department of The Task Force for Global Health’s Immunizations and Vaccines Sector, PIVI’s mission is to streamline influenza vaccination programs in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas. PIVI takes surplus flu vaccinations and develops global distribution strategies that bring flu vaccines to those who need them most. Spark Corps will helped PIVI enhance its visibility through the development of a new visual identity system in the form of logo and communications redesign. This provided PIVI with a professional identity and presence that enables them to highlight the breadth and significance of their work.


Primary Logo


Our primary logo highlights PIVI’s name in a clean and bold typeface. The supporting icon is a patchwork of colors and intersecting shapes to represent the interconnected and global reach of PIVIs work. To compliment the primary logo, we also developed a set of secondary and alternate logos. These could be used in either low color or size prohibitive cases.


Visual Identity System


Our final deliverable included a visual identity system with a primary logo, secondary logo (shown above), brand mark, color palette and supporting elements.

Suggested Use

To round out the VIS, we also included suggested use cases for the PIVI logos. The included business cards, letter head, presentation slides and email signatures.


If you would like to learn more about our process on this project check out our PIVI blog posts.