Meaghan Kennedy // Executive Director

With a background in public health and industrial design, Meaghan is the founder and executive director of Spark Corps and oversees the development and execution of Spark Corps projects. Also wearing the hat of founder & lead strategist of Orange Sparkle Ball, Meaghan saw a space to explore a program focused solely on design for social impact and the mentoring young designers. This led to Spark Corps' founding in the spring of 2015.  Meaghan has taught both at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and splits her time between Atlanta and the Bronx.


Allie Miller // Program Manager

Allie oversees the day to day coordination of Spark Corps design projects in addition to managing outreach efforts and social media content. She was a Spark Corps member in the Summer of 2015, and transitioned into a staff position in August of 2015. Allie is currently pursuing a Master of Industrial Design from the Georgia institute of Technology and holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Mount Holyoke College. Prior to Spark Corps, Allie worked in clinical healthcare and public health policy. She is a volunteer with The Biomimicry Institute. and an avid traveler.


Sidney Brinson // Design Researcher

Sidney leads the user research and strategy projects with our CDC clients. She has a Master of Industrial Design from Georgia Tech ('16) and is passionate about using design to impact social and environmental problems. Sidney also splits her time at Spark Corps with Orange Sparkle Ball doing graphic design and product development. Previously, Sidney worked as a 3D Animator in Atlanta producing 3D graphics for networks like Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Turner Sports. Outside the office, she enjoys traveling, running, camping and canoeing.


Tania Saliba // Design Apprentice

Tania is a firm believer that almost any facet of the world can be improved upon with the right amount of thought and dedication and that there are so many things that can be made better with design thinking. Tania holds a B.F.A. in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and is especially interested in designing for children; including toy design, learning and teaching devices, safety equipment, and entertainment. As a Design Apprentice, Tania will be focused on helping build our our design education brand, Flashlight. 


Aaron Ringel // Design Apprentice

Aaron is an idealist with a passion for helping others and solving complex problems. He is a recent graduate of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati in Industrial Design. He has an insatiable curiosity for everything from human behavior and psychology, to recent scientific discoveries, and the latest cutting edge technology. He believes that the best designs come from a combination of empathy and the insight gained from a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. In his free time, he love seeing live bands at small venues and playing guitar and drums. 


Daphne Cobb // Program Director Emeritus


As program director, Daphne utilized her diverse background in organizational management and civic engagement to help Spark Corps coordinate its programming and outreach. She received her masters in public health from Emory University and brings years of experience in domestic and internationally focused public health organizations—critical to supporting Spark Corps education and health focused initiatives.

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Joyce Zou // Curriculum Director Emeritus


Joyce used her skills in concept development and design strategies to develop curriculum and projects implemented by Spark Corps’ designers. She brought with her a strong background in visual design, branding, and design thinking, and holds a B.S. in Industrial Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Joyce also works as a designer at Orange Sparkle Ball doing graphic design, and design strategy. She enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out with her cats.