Our Focus

Our Apprentices

During Spark Corps apprenticeships, senior designers work with emerging designers and creative to polish their design chops. We also provide apprentices opportunities for professional development andengagement with our partners.

Our Partners

We work with local and global change makers to attack social problems and design solutions that will benefit the communities our partners serve. We aim to build long term relationships with partners as we invest in their missions.

Our Impact

To measure the success of our work and partners, we document all of our projects through a blog-style process book, highlighting the start and finish of each project as well as a follow up with partners on how our work made a difference to them.

Spark Corps Design Education Products + Services

Spark Your Design Creativity is an activity book that introduces kids to design while also helping them to build skills to foster creativity and 21st century thinking. This Summer, our design apprentices led a Kickstarter campaign raising over $7,000 to get our first shipment of 500 books!

Purchase Spark Your Design Creativity at the following retailers!

Work Featured On

The 2016 Spark Corps Year In Review

Each year, our team crafts visual summaries of our work, achievements and future goals. We do this to both share our successes and challenges with the community as well push how nonprofits can communicate their programming in an innovative way. We are proud to showcase the 2016 review! 


Past Reviews

Year 2015

Over the 2015 year, we accomplished some truly incredible things. We build relationships with new partners, developed our design education beta curriculum and grew our impact in Atlanta. 

Summer 2015

In the summer 2015, Spark Corps welcomed its first class of corps members via an 8 week beta program. During the program, Orange Sparkle Ball shadowed Allie Miller and Grace Cha to document their experience.