Holman Studios

Lauren Holman is an Atlanta based artist who specialized in screen printing and mixed media. Having a background in health and fine arts, Lauren wanted to begin a new chapter by addressing social issues through her artwork in the form of limited edition prints. From the sales of these editions, Lauren also hopes to invest a percentage of proceeds in local non-profits. Spark Corps worked to create an identity and online presence that communicates Lauren’s vision and goals for the project. We looked critically at how she could position herself within the competitive industry of fine arts, and how her work sits apart from other artists. We also looked at how her brand will add a unique voice to the social impact discussions happening around Atlanta.


Brand Logo and Color Pallet

For Lauren’s logo we went with a delicate watercolor look that could be very dynamic and stand alone or could easily translate into something simple to be stamped or branded onto artwork. We chose a bold, bright color scheme of purples, teal, and bright red that compliments Lauren’s aesthetic and maintains her identity ofboth vibrant and classy. 



Her website re-enforces her background, process, and mission while showing off the beauty and purpose of her artwork. It places an emphasis on her as a person and tells the story of each of her pieces through photography and video.