GroupHug 2018 Exhibit: #RespectMe

Spark Corps’ ‘Representation Installation’ was included in a gallery during New York Design Week in May of 2018, as part of the group show “Respect Me”. Our installation is an interactive, visual depiction of the emotions and opinions associated with the lack of representation in the fight for equal rights.


Collaboration with Orange Sparkle Ball

OSB_SC_lockup (1).png

Orange Sparkle Ball is the parent company of Spark Corps. While Spark Corps is a nonprofit design firm, Orange Sparkle Ball is it’s for profit counterpart. Both companies collaborated together on this venture, bringing the Spark Corps mission of social impact design together with the expertise of Orange Sparkle Ball designers. The successful outcome was the result of hard work from both organizations!


The Current State of Representation

Starting from our own personal biases to design this exhibit, we realized that all of our initial ideas seemed to be excluding many large groups of people. We concluded that if we are having so much trouble representing everybody in a simple exhibit, then how many people feel underrepresented in the fight for equality? By asking the question, “How do you feel about the current state of representation in...?” We hoped to spark a conversation between viewers about how each individual feels regarding the representation of their race, gender, sexuality, etc. in the fight for equality. With this interactive installation, individuals could place an emotion in it’s respective category by putting a small, colored ball in the topic they associate it with.

PSX_20180512_142320 (1).jpg

The options for emotions were chosen based off extensive research done beforehand—surveys, trend research, historical research and current events. We conducted our own survey in order to capture the common emotions and topics people associate with lack of representation. These emotions were enraged, disinterested, defeated, empowered, and rejected.


To our surprise, ‘Enraged’ was the first emotion to be used up completely.

IMG_20180511_212644 (1).jpg